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Concours Mondial du Sauvignon – Sauvignon Blanc, the king of grape varieties in Touraine

Source: https://cmsauvignon.com/en/sauvignon-blanc-the-king-of-grape-varieties-in-touraine/?fbclid=IwAR21GxnysCd435CgRNVhrvwj2y83V_7YB8MB972u4TnM1fpsu3jraGl60Eg

AOC Touraine boasts a wide array of grape varieties but the varietal range is dominated by Sauvignon (43%). White Touraine is now extremely popular amongst Sauvignon enthusiasts due to quality winemaking techniques that have constantly improved over the years.

White Touraine is single varietal Sauvignon Blanc. The wines often display a pale gold hue and exude a range of aromatics that can vary from fruity notes recalling citrus or tropical fruits, to floral notes reminiscent of white flowers.

They retain a fresh feel on the finish. Sauvignon blanc originated in the Loire Valley and offers up characteristic vigour and drive. Touraine Sauvignon is considered to be among the world’s finest and last year, 39 Touraine wines won medals at the Concours Mondial du Sauvignon.

Wines for export

Mirroring the chateaux of the Loire, AOC Touraine wines are extremely popular with overseas consumers. Consequently, they are continually gaining traction in international markets.

Exports account for 20% of volumes with the wines mainly shipped to the English-speaking world. Sales in the United States are extremely buoyant, underscoring the popularity of the wines. White wines represent 90% of export volumes. The Concours Mondial du Sauvignon offers a unique opportunity for producers to introduce their wines to the international market.  The competition is open indiscriminately to all wines, including special wines and mistelles, made from a majority proportion of Sauvignon.

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