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fiorfiore 2013


Grechetto white wine, wine of Umbria in italy

On September 4, 2015 was held in Todi in Umbria, italian region, at Cantina Roccafiore, the initiative  CENTOPERCENTO GRECHETTO, a panel discussion whose purpose was the comparison of the experts on the potential of the  white wine Grechetto.

The initiative, which saw the participation of producers, journalists and industry experts, aims to take stock of the current reality that is experiencing this wine and, if possible, find ideas for future value even more. .
Grechetto is the other side of the soul White Umbria, a worthy opponent of the Trebbiano Spoletino, which we discussed in an article in the March 2015 (http://vinodabere.blogspot.it/2015/03/il -trebbiano-Spoleto-a-relative-del.html)
Work began presenting this variety now present in Umbria with 2,350 hectares and 120 hectares in northern Lazio,calling it a wine of substance, solid, slightly aromatic, versatile and original.

 Grechetto grapes

Its versatility comes from the various statements that he may, by long maceration on the skins, aging in steel  silos or  wood casks and even creating a good dessert wine.
The basic characteristics of this variety are early ripening, low acidity and good tannins. Usually we find it tasty accompanied by a bitter end, its roundness is obtained by a good balance between the two main components, tannin and savouriness
Once considered a welcome wine or wine on Sunday, was made in casks of chestnut or oak, and offered to friends or guests to respect taking straight from the barrel, throwing to the ground the last drops of the glass as a tribute to the dead as ancient Umbrian tradition.
The tasting of 13 different kinds of Grechetto, strictly blindly, companies in Umbria and northern Lazio, have allowed producers, journalists and guests, to realize the actual flexibility and potential of the grape as expressions from different wines were varied, but at the same time it was found that despite having come so far, so much must still be done to enhance it deserves this vine.

enologist of the Cantina Roccafiore, Hartmann Donà, who speaks with a guest

A wine which now has an output of about 500,000 bottles a year, adding those from all the wineries in representing a major part of its production, is not a precise location in the wine world and Italian.
It also notes the lack of a common guideline in all the samples made, the lowest common denominator that could be the trump card for its re-evaluation and promotion.
Today individual producers have their own vision on the Grechetto, who considers him a wine not binding, as opposed to those who support the Umbrian cuisine and many other facets, in this context Luca Boccarelli winemaker Roccafiore Cellar, which this year celebrates 10 years of production, supported by the family has taken on the task of involving a large number of producers of this variety to make it known in the world, which he is already doing for several years for his company.
The round table has revealed that the best route is the enhancement of territoriality, keeping the soul of each individual producer that will be highlighted in each wine and this can be an added value, because the diversity has always done well and Grechetto due to its high ductility it lends itself well to everything.
To carry out this project will require a continuous comparison between the various producers, leaving out the rivalries or any other negative feeling.

This will not be a problem with the availability of all to achieve such a lofty goal, the more young people will be willing to listen to those who have already evaluated individually this wine, with its talk of Mottura, Latour a Civitella, we tasted in years 2010 and 2005, which showed that the flavor is capable of integrating with the tannin, emerging with great elegance almost imperceptibly, or the same Fiorfiore 2013 Roccafiore Cellar, where tasting is perceived a very clean flavor that alternates with bitterness end typical of Grechetto giving tannin role actor but necessary.
Do not forget the idea proposed by young producers in making wine, who see in the wine link with the Umbrian tradition, both in history and in the methodology of winemaking, this can be an important aspect not to forget the past of a wine so dear the Umbrian if taken with extreme awareness.

event participants who are going to blind tasting

It will be on this comparison, which will follow through regularly scheduled meetings, which will build the foundation to grow wings Grechetto, making it reach more and more in countries where the concept of wine has always been present, I speak in particular to the USA and EUROPE because this wine should not be drunk but only understood, appreciating this lack of acidity, cleverly replaced by a horizontal shoulder tasty and well supported by the tannin of the grape which is rich and which, if dosed with wisdom from the manufacturer considering the moment more appropriate to harvest, they will raise the level of wine now more famous.

We look forward to the next round table on Grechetto to rejoice the efforts that all the producers have done this time and to bring out more of this wine.

Daniele Moroni

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